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Reunion Photogallery of Senge Tenzin Rinpoche and Limi People

Senge Tenzin Rinpoche is the reincarnation of Limi Tulku. The term "Tulku" means emanated body. Tibetans is believed that a successful spiritual practitioners can gain control of birth and death. Limi Tulku is the title to refer the lineage, which is believed to have been started from the great Tibetan master Druptop (mahasiddha, or highly realized being) Senge Yeshi.

Limi Tulku has been serving as the head of the religious world of Limi people for many life-times and is still recognized as the most important person for them.

In 2003, Senge Tenzin Rinpoche visited Limi for the first time in this life-time. It was the reunion after Limi Tulku came in a new embodiment. Click here to read more about Senge Tenzin Rinpoche.

The following photographs were taken on the special occusions.

A helicompter was landed in Limi


Senge Tenzin Rinpoche gave public Teachings

Making offerings and receiving blessing

Monks and General Public


Performs and Celebration

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