Map of the School Project


Building work of the school is divided into two phases


Phase 1: Will be constructed the Classrooms blocks, the Auditorium Hall, the Hostals, and the Kitchen & Dinning Hall.

We hope to open classes at the completion this phase. By then, will have purchased furnitures, textbooks, and other students equiptments.


Phase 2: Will be built the Library & Science Laboratory block, the Staff Residents House, the Health-Care Center, the Guest House, the Stupa and Completion of the School Campus



You can help to educate these youngsters who were born in the place where no real school is exist. Please, make donations or be a sponsor for a part of the project. Your generousity help is the only source of funding for the project.

Note: All donated money will be spent on overall expenses of the project. If you like to sponsor to build a part of project, for example: the girls' hostal, or one floor of the girls' hostal, your money only will be spend on that part of project.

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