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A Buddhist Principle

All living beings desire to be happy and everyone has equal rights to live a happy life.

it is wrong to explore and use others for seek of your pleasure because it causes suffering for others and eventually for youself.

It is right way to serve and use self for benefit of others
because it cause happiness for other and make good feeling for youself.

Cherishing others is the wisdom that make yourself happy. By doing so, peace prevail in your own life and in your environment!!

Save A Culture
is the slogan to raise world wide awareness of the Limi people's plight

Limis are ethanic Tibetan with intact unique Tibetan culture, which is is serviving in the most remote area of northwestern Nepal.

Tragedy is the traditional life-style is no longer working. To escape from proverty, those who have means leave the villages in order to seek
for educational opportunities and a better way of life.

Kailashzone and Antahkanara are working to save the unique culture of Limi people
by building school for children, clinic for sick, and introducing alternative economic resources for the villagers.

Tashi Kailash
Chairperson of Kailashzone

"to educate younger generation is an important responsibility for this generation.

The children of Limi
need a school to break
cycle of illiteracy and poverty in the region snf to make Limi a better place to live.

I, therefore, request for your help and full support
to do our projects."

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Kailashzone Charitable Foundation

Kailashzone Charitable Foundation was established in 2000 and registered with the Government of Nepal in 2005 by a group of youth from Kailash regions. The Charitable Foundation is headed by H.E. Senge Tenzin Rinpoche, and chaired by Tashi kailash.

We, the founding members, are all from Kailash regions such as Ngari: western Tibet, Limi: northwestern Nepal, and Dolpo: northeastern Nepal. Having grown up in the areas surrounding Mount Kailash, we know the challenges of life in these harsh regions. Basic necessities are hard-earned, and education, adequate medical care are rare. Limi, and Dolpo are some of the remote regions in Nepal and no road for vehicles exist.

Because we have been lucky enough to get some education outside the Kailash regions and have experienced a wide range of social developments and public. We feel a strong obligation and responsibility to do everything we can for the benefit of the kailash region's common purposes.

The role of Kailashzone is playing with the projects is to work as the meddle-man between the poor kailash regional people and the donors & funder who are interested in helping. Kailashzone takes full responsible for the planning and the executive task of the projects and proper management of the fundings and donations that will be made payable to Kailashzone Charitable Foundation.

Objectives of Kailashzone Charitable Foundation are widely divided into three categories. 

To educate the younger generation of Kailash regions is the first priority. We believe that education has enlighted people all over the world to elimate proverty and to develop economically and culturally. To break the cycle of illetaracy and the proverty in the Kailash regions is the target.


  • A school project for the children of the remote Limi villages, northwestern Nepal was initiated by Kailashzone and is supported by Antakharana. 

    Kailashzone Charitable Foundation based in Nepal and Antakharana Society International based in United States are working together to raise funding for the school project.

    We request for your help! Please make donations and sponsor a part of the school project

    We prepared detailed school project map and estimated cost budget of the school building work for in the future. Click here to View more about school project!

  • Many young monks from Kailash regions are supported by Kailashzone to come to India and Kathmandu, Nepal to get Buddhist philosophical teachings and modern education. 

    Since monks are alway from their parents and need someone help them. Kailashzone finds sponsors individual monk. You have the opportunity to be a sponsor of a monks by giving him $ 25 for a month and $ 300 for a year U.S. Read the monks stories

To preserve and educate the importance of the Kailash regions' culture is the second priority. All over the world, Traditions, beliefs, arts, people's way of life always change and it is our objective to stop natural evolution. Kailashzone want to keep the culture while the younger generations are rapidly embracing the new culture and to educate significent and value of our culture. 


  • The monasteries are an important part of the Kailash regions' culture. The historical monuments, the spiritual teachings and articles, and the traditional arts are all founded in the monasteries in Kailash regions. In the past, the people's way of life had been influenced mostly the teachings of Buddhism and the monasteries. 

    Kailashzone is keeping closely connection with the monks of the monasteries and help them to their religious activities. 

    In 2000, Senge Tenzin Rinpoche and a group of monks visited Dolpo. Senge Rinpoche gave many public teachings in the region and met the monks and Nagpas. Senge Tinzen Rinpoche and Kailashzone supported to rebuild Gomoche monastery at "Crystal Mountain", in Dolpo and brought a group of boys to be educated in India. 

    In 2003, Senge Tenzin Rinpoche and his monks and students visited Limi. The monks in Limi received teachings and a group of young monks were brought to India to be educated in the Institute of Drikung Kagyu in Dehra Dun, eastern India.
  • Rinchen Ling monasteries in Limi was built in 10th century by a great Buddhist teacher known as Lotsewa Rinchen Sangpo. The monastery has over a thousands years history. 

    Kailashzone has been talking with the monks of Limi to renovate the monasteries and to build monks resident at the monasteries instead living with their own famalies. 

    Kailashzone is looking for funding to renovate the monastery and an alternative financial support for the monks to live separate lives from their own families. Like to know more about the project

To raise global awareness of the rich historical and natural attractions of kailash regions and the people's stories is the third priority. The reason behind his objective is to promote tourism in the Kailash regions. So, the local people get his/her share of income. Also to get outsiders protection of the spiritual sites and support to free the people from suffering.

  • Kailashzone have designed a website to put photographics, articles, and stories about the cultural, spiritual attractions and put online since 2000. 

    We are thankful for CreatioNation hosting our website for free of charge for so many years and all technical computering support. 
  • Interested in knowing more about Kailash regions, enjoy reading the informations what Kailashzone have prepared for you.
Sacred sites at the Mount Kailash  |  Senge Tenzin Rinpoche  |  Ngari: western Tibet  
                                          |  Limi: northwestern Nepal  | Dolpo: eastern Nepal