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Tour with Kailashzone

Kailashzone aims to promote Limi as a tourist destination to help the local economic. We will guide you a special cultural tour of Limi, (see Limi photogallery) and show you region of Humla district, northwestern Nepal.

If it is your wish to do the holy pilgrimage of Mount Kailash, and visit historical and natural attractions of Ngari, western Tibet, we can escort you to get to the border northwestern Nepal and western Tibet and even guide inside in Tibet.

Tsewang Rigzin is a trained and experienced tour guide. He speak English, Tibetan, and Nepalise. If you like to do tour with Kailashzone, he is one of our guides take you wherever you like to be and tell you whatever you like to know. Tsewang also does buddhist sight tours and trekking inNepal.

Simply send an email to Kailashzone and Tsewang and tell us what your dream tours are to come true: Tsewang's email: or Kailashzone email: We will give you all the information you like to know before you make your decision to leave comfort of your home!!

Travel Information

Many parts of Nepal require travel permit. Nepalise Embassies issue visa but not travel permit. If you don't have much time to stay in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal and you know that you are going to countrysides of Nepal, you need to find out whether you need travel permit or not. To do it, contacting a travel agency in Kathmandue is the best. Search travel agencies in Nepal and ask them how you can get a travel permit.

If you like send emails to the following travel agencies. They may be able to give the information you like to have. You always welcome to contact Kailashzone.

Karnali Excursions (p)Ltd

Tourism is one of best business industries in Nepal. It is possible to get almost all tourist equipments to by and to hire. Things and services in Nepal are cheap and easy to shop comparing to other big cities.


It is wise to check up-to-date news of Nepal. Search news or visit following new website:

Culture Difference

Many Tibetans and non-Tibetans don't like to be taken photographs. It is better to ask first before you take a photo of anyone. Some Tibetans even believe that shooting photos shorten their life-spend.

General public of Nepal don't know much about cultural differences, especially western culture. Pay attendion what you wear and how to keep your relationship with your partners, boyfriend & girlfriend. Short-trosers, mini-skirts, and kissing & hugging in public can be really offense for local people.


Sacred sites at the Mount Kailash  |  Senge Tenzin Rinpoche  |  Ngari: western Tibet  
                                          |  Limi: northwestern Nepal  | Dolpo: eastern Nepal