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Donations and sponsorships are the entire source of funding for the Kailashzone Projects. Please help us to help others!!



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School Project Management

Administrative Responsible for the School

The Founding Committee of the Kailash Charitable Foundation will be responsible for the overall school projects. Kailashzone will recruit administrator, teachers, and non-teaching staffs.

The school will be an independant organization. The school administrators will work with the Humla District Headquarter and the Nepalise Office of the Ministry of Education for recognization of the school. The school cirriculam will prepare students for board examination (class 5th and 8th) required for passage into upper education. The school administrators and teachers also closely follow the cirriculam and text books developed by Tibetan Children's Village (TCV) at Dharamshala for the education of Tibetan children.


One hundred students will be given admission to the beginning of the school. The students will be provided the basic needs and educational facilities for free of charge. There will be six teachers to teach Tibetan, English, and Nepalise langauges and other subjects including mathematic, science, and social studies.

Initially, the students will only be gathered from the three villages of Limi. Then, we would like to extend the project to reach wider range of students from the whole district of Humla. Within 9 years, we are expecting to have classes from elementary to 8th grade in the school.

Students who would like to continue their studies after the 8th grade, the school will assist them in pursuing higher studies in bigger school, in Nepal.


The School Project is entirely depending on donations and sponsorships. To start off the project, Deanna Campball has donated sum amount of money in 2004. It is her generosity and action of compassion makde us possible to begin our dream school. In 2005, she also found Antahkarana Society International in United States to support the school project, to fight against proverty in the region, and to save the unique culture of Limi. Visit Antahkarana website:

Please help the school project. Your generous donations and sponsorships can only make us possible to have the school.

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